Rajesh Gupta

Holistic Financial Planner

If you want to change this world, First start from yourself

Journey Of Life

Phyiscal Journey

I was born in a poor family, wih rich traditions and high human values. My father migrated from ARAFWALA (Now in Pakistan) in the year 1947. My father were five brother and five sisters. They reached jalandhar in 11 days via Fazilka border during partition.Jalandhar was chosen because we were having few properties of ours and of my father’s Nanaji . .

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Professional Journey

The word business means where we are serious in doing something constructive and fruitful to run our livelihood and status in the social circle. The person who is doing job is also a business in his own way because he also takes the responsibility of her/his seat and awarded accordingly.

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Spritual Journey

If there is anything most important after health is, i.e. our spiritual life, there are millions of volumes written on the subjects in different countries by different people in different languages. I have observed most of the volumes had made life more complicated and confusing. I am not religious person, but I am definitely a spiritual person..

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Social Journey

A person without any social life is zero and a person with too much social life is also zero. Every one of us is a social animal and dependent upon society for our all small and big needs. A person with a balanced social life is the happiest person

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