Social Journey

A person without any social life is zero and a person with too much social life is also zero. Every one of us is a social animal and dependent upon society for our all small and big needs. A person with a balanced social life is the happiest person. We require not only time but money too, to keep alive our social life but it is worth spending these two most important assets.
I divide my social life into 2 parts, which are as follows:


These are the two types in which we revolve ourselves, the most. Relatives are limited and not selected by us where as we choose the friends and they can be of any numbers. Relatives are compulsions where as the friends are chosen by us, seeing their quality. Now days, we have different category of friends as per their profession, our relations and our expectations from them. In case of relatives, they are classified like uncles, aunts, father, mother, sister, brother, etc. we respect them and obey them by their portfolio and not because of their quality. Relatives are very strange species. They love us, hate us, cheat us and hit us also in some cases. It is very common to hear that my relative feel jealous of my achievements where as my friends celebrate the same. I think it is not always true but however by and large the society is such and I am also not the exception. I am honestly very lucky that I have wonderful friends and few very good relatives. They always stand beside me in case of any eventuality especially my own family and my brother.

Society Work

Whatever we are, it's just because of the society. We pay back to society in two forms. One by paying taxes and the other one is helping the people around us from our net income after taxes. If we can afford to pay more than the taxes which we pay to the government in order to help the society. It is always a good idea to go an extra mile and do whatever possible we can do for the society. There are many ways and means to help the society like we can pay the bills of some poor patients, arrange medicines and distribute our read magazines and books in the hospital or in old age home. We should also visit the old age home or mental retarded hospitals and distribute the things required by them. We can adopt some deserving students and raise them to complete their education. We can donate some calipers and artificial limbs to the people those have lost their hands and feet. We can participate in mass marriages of poor girls. We can distribute our old clothes and other unrequired household goods to charitable institutions.
I am doing my bit in all the above.