Spritual Journey

If there is anything most important after health is, i.e. our spiritual life, there are millions of volumes written on the subjects in different countries by different people in different languages. I have observed most of the volumes had made life more complicated and confusing. I am not religious person, but I am definitely a spiritual person. There are different ways indifferent religions for reaching to so call god. But in spirituality there is only one way and i.e. accepting that god is everywhere including immovable things. This all depends how we perceive it. The spirituality doesn’t mean to find god only, it is in feeling that I am a better person than before and doing best possible which can be done to the people around us to the best of our ability, knowledge and resources. There are two extreme ways to move towards spirituality one is without any plan and the other one with a plan a in a disciplined manner. It all depends in what kind of circumstances we are. However, both the plans are possible with the grace of god only, but the grace of god will come to those people only those are ready to take this path and ready to do the needful required. I have read in many books different procedures and ways to attain god but I think all these ways are not suitable for everyone of us. We need a master to guide us that which is the best way to achieve our goals. It is again a big subject how to find the best master suitable to you. However, it is a subject of personal choice and liking but I prefer to have such master who has the minimum show business and not looking for name and fame. I am lucky to have such master and I think that again with the blessing of god. Before starting the journey of spiritualism we should understand the under mentioned:
1.No need to leave family.
2. No need to stop working.
3. No need to aloof from the society.
4. No need to hate money and pleasures.

But the most important is don’t get attached to all the above that we forget our basic purpose.

I have observed that most of us break our journey of spiritualism before or after starting it due to financial constraints. And there is another set of people those have plenty of money and they don’t have time for this most important subject of life. Because they want to retain their number 1 position in their field in front of society. We most of the time give time to spiritualism if we get time spare time after all worldly things. But if we start giving health and spiritualism the first priority I am pretty sure and convinced us will get all the desired worldly things with less effort.

I have a suggestion for those people who are in upper middle class category, to change the subject of their race in life from money and social recognition to god. And the first two well taken care of by the almighty. I have observed have enough assets to take care rest of their life even if they stop earning anything. We can do financial planning and check whether this i true or not, if it is true then whatever we are earning is not going to be used by us in our lifetime. We are going to leave everything here only.

The Art Of Dying

The title of my article seems very different. But I believe that the secret of life is hidden in it. I believe that we live to die. The day we born we start dying from that day on wards. But if we go in depth, we start dying the day we came in the womb of mother. We could not able to decide in our young age that how to live and die. But once we grown up, we should plan our life as we plan other things in our life. If we learn to die, we will automatically learn the art of dying. Death is perhaps the only subject of our life which is uncertain but sure. I mean none can think he or she will not die. We don’t know when this end will come. When we think of going for a small tour within our country or abroad, then dozens of pending works start reminding us and along this we start worrying about what to carry with us in travelling, what arrangements are to make etc. We do advance planning of the visiting places and book our tickets, hotels, taxies, guide, return ticket etc.

We plan so much for these small trips but we don’t plan for that tour from where we are going for ever, not to come back again. The most important point here is the date of going from this world is also not certain and still we don’t prepare ourselves to go peacefully.

I am of the firm believe unless we are mentally and physically not prepared to welcome death, we cannot live peacefully in present moment too. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. These five P‘s we should remember always. Even though all the time it does not work that way but most of the time it works. Imagine we have to go 10 places in five days then we have to make planning that which route is to cover and when by air, by rail, by taxi, by ship and by auto. Sometimes it may happen that we may have to change our planning because of cancellation of flight or by any personal reason but planning should be made.

I am not satisfied with those people who say that we can’t plan our life and we can just live our life. I say that we can better live our life if we plan our life. It is better to change the planning with change of time rather then not doing planning at all. All of us live in different circumstances and our whole planning would be different from person to person.

I think we should all visit and stay back for some time in Mortuary or Shamshan ghat and do our last tour planning there. That is the perfect place for this subject. If it looks odd to go at such a place than at least go to a big Hospital and sit under a tree ,watch around and plan.

Last Will

We should write our will or our last desire so that at the time of death you should not have any tension that there was so much to tell about my last wish and I can’t speak. The people, who don’t write his will, must be an irresponsible person.

The will should be written by all ages and both sex whether they have any asset or not. You can simply write it on plain papers and get signature of two witnesses, if it is very difficult to register the will. Writing a Will takes sometime months. My father died during writing the will. He has written only two and half pages on simple papers and not even signed it being it was not complete but still we have honored it word by word. If we cannot tell our hearts desire to anyone while living and we don’t want to die even along with it then by writing all these in the will is a good idea. You can take advice from good CA or consult books on will writing in order to avoid some taxation problem to the receiver of our assets.

Your mind and heart should be at peace, while writing the will. You should first write it on plain sheet and get it signed before making it final. I have especially written here to sign it even on rough paper will because it is my own experience that sometime you never know you will make the final will or not, as in the case of my father. The Will can be divided into three parts:

First part :what to do just after death like donation of eyes, kidney, etc.
Second part : about assets
Third part :your views about someone near to you or few lines out of your experience of life.

If you are owner of good assets than you can make an executor of your will. One should carry one copy of will always while going out of station and one copy should be kept at safe place with some close friends or relative near your house. One copy can be placed in a close box in the centre of the house and the name of the people those can break, open it can be written over it. You can keep photocopy of important documents along with scanned CD of all the required papers.

You can also maintain a list that where is my
Home registry,
Bank accounts,
Locker details,
Post office deposits,
Arms and its license,
Family ration card,
Passports of family,
Pan numbers,
Different kind of license numbers,
Debtors and Creditors (esp which are out of your books of accounts)
insurance details etc.

How To Plan Life

It is equally important to plan our day to day life because this is a bigger event.

People basically don’t live and just die. They live by chance because they have no other choice and finally die. Death is our final destination and it should not be a matter of sorrow but of celebration. If we reach our home after long study abroad or at the time of retirement, we celebrate it. But when we are going to our real home from where we came in this world than there should also be enjoyment and celebration.

Let’s make our life transparent and live in a present moment.

One should develop value based policies to achieve goals. If you are better enough in managing the things, persons and situation properly, no doubt you will be a successful person.

Here are the few tips which help us in setting and achieving the goals?

1. Take a copy and pen, sit quietly and write what you want to accomplish between now and till you want to work.
2. Take another sheet and write your personal goals for the next 12 months. Some key areas, which you might set personal goals including:
* Family
* Personal Growth
* Financial/ Career Growth
* Health
* Social
* Hobbies
* Spiritual
* Recreation
Write down priority. Your short time goals will take you towards life time goals.
3. If there is any ones goal, which seems to be difficult to achieve or you are not ready to pay the price for it, go ahead and delete them out. Leaving only those items, you are willing to happen in your life.
4. Now, you have to do blending in between your personal and professional goals. Now make your list priority wise.
Now, take another piece of paper titled: Things to do list, Identify the list or activities you have to accomplish date wise for one week. You can do one thing here there as per importance and time left since having one week

The only thing in life that is constant is change. It makes sense that our goal will change as we change or situation change. No one has ever achieved anything without true commitment, sincerity and positive mental attitude.

Now the question is how to balance the mind, in order to give command to this body to work in the best possible manner. I think there are many ways to do it as per you are convince:-
a) Read good and positive books.
b) Don’t miss good satsang or company of great people.
c) Make morning and evening walk, yoga, and pranayama as important as food or sleep.
d) The Art of living Course is must for everyone and earliest the better.

Unbeliable but true Story of Anurag Sagar

Once I went to meet a saintly person in Tagore Hospital as he was very serious but talking normaly. He was father in law of my friend Mr. Pardeep Khanna , a famous Chartered accountant of Hoshiarpur. He loves me a lot and I respect him a lot. He called me near to his bed and said ,`Rajesh , I have a book, which I kept with my chest for 40 years and I want that it should reach to the masses, can you do that ? I am man of few days only`. I said don’t take tension,I will translate it and put it on my website. He called her daughter Renu near him and said give this book to rajesh, which is lying at present in Hoshiarpur. He was bit recovered and family took him to Hoshiarpur at her daughter home. He was basically from Batala. He start asking daily to his son in law and daughter to send this book to me and one day they send me the book by courier. He asked them to confirm from me , if the book has reached to me or not. They called me next day and asked, if I got the book,. I said no. Again they call me after noon and asked do you got the book, I said I got the book. They conved this to Mr. Ram Parkash Ji Saili nad I again got the call after few minutes that he is no more.

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